Logistics and shipping connect the world, as do the canals, rivers and oceans we all depend on. 

Dry bulk cargo such as coal, ore, grain and fertilizer are essential raw materials for global industrial production and economical growth.  In the past 200 years, dry bulk shipping has connected the origin and the destination of bulk cargo, contributing to the prosperity of our world economy. Thanks to the rapid development of technology and innovation, the project industry is constantly improving. Manufacturing processes have become highly efficient and renewable energy projects such as wind power are producing clean energy for our wonderful blue planet.

Connecting the World, Embracing the Future

For more than 20 years, we have helped our customers all over the world achieve shipping and supply chain efficiencies with professional, sustainable, flexible shipping and logistics solutions. Our purpose is to enrich lives by connecting our customers and communities around the world. We are dedicated to building long-term and sustainable partnerships with our customers globally. We look forward to an exciting journey with our people and customers for many more years to come!