Resumes Outgoing of Agricultural Products First Grain Ship Sails Out of Odessa Port in Ukraine

The first cargo ship carrying Ukrainian food has passed through the Black Sea since Russia launched a special military operation against Ukraine on February 24.
Russia and Ukraine signed agreements with the United Nations and Turkey respectively on resuming the shipment of agricultural products from Black Sea ports, the first freighter carrying Ukrainian food left Odd on the morning of August 1. Port Sa will berth near Istanbul, Turkey's largest city, and undergo joint inspections before finally arriving in Lebanon.

Ukrainian Minister of Infrastructure Construction: Only a few ships will depart from the Odesa region in the next two weeks
Ukraine's infrastructure minister warned that despite Russia's easing of its blockade of the Black Sea, food exports from Odesa and neighboring ports will still take months to reach pre-war levels and slow down. He expects no more than five ships departing from Odessa, Chernomosk, and Pivdeni in the next two weeks.

Sources: Financial Times